4C Calculator


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Jadoogar  V1.0 is basically a calculator for 4C Data Calculation. We can  calculate the 4C Transponder Data with this software and use any universal reader/writer to write it in the 4C chip which could be either  TPX1 or CN1.


  • Note: This Software is for the auto-locksmiths who are at intermediate level  and do EEPROM work as well. This one is just a basic calculator which calculates the 4C Transponder Data from EEPROM 
  • Note: Jadoogar v4.0 will be released soon and it will be very powerful with  full auto detection function of binary files for 4C, 4D and 80bit  transponders.   
  • Note: The Software will be installed remotely and licence is only for one PC.   
  • Note: Please read the User Manual before buying the Calculator thanks.